Veteran Directed Care

The Veteran-Directed Care program is designed to allow veterans of any age who are potential candidates for nursing home placement to receive that level of care in their homes, their caregivers' homes or in non-supportive, independent living communities (not assisted living residences). The program provides veterans with a budget and allows them to choose their own care providers in place of receiving direct care services from the VA health care system. In some cases, family members of the veteran can be paid for the care they provide.

Image of military family with the wife behind the service member who is carrying a young boy in his arms, with a backdrop of the american flagVeteran-Directed Care allows veterans to prioritize their own care needs, select their own care providers, and act as an employer instead of receiving nursing home care from the VA directly. 

Surveys of program participants have found 95%+ of participating veterans believe this program was meeting their needs, improving their overall satisfaction and improved their access to care. However, this program is not appropriate for everyone. A substantial amount of effort is required of the veteran and their family in the determination of care requirements, selection of providers and ongoing management of the care services. However, for many families the independence to choose care providers, the potential to pay family members for their assistance, and the ability for the veteran to continue living at home make participation in this program well worth the effort.

The VA is the entity that approves veterans to participate in the program and Care Connection (Harris County Area Agency on Aging) staff provide Veteran Specialists to work with veterans and family members who enroll in the program.

If you have questions about the program, please contact Care Connection, or speak with your VA case manager for more information.

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