Money Follows the Person

Money follows the person overview brochureMoney Follows the Person is a program designed to maximize consumer choice and independence and to increase the use of home and community based services in lieu of more costly institutional care. The target population for this program is individuals of any age residing in skilled nursing facilities.

The state of Texas has established an "options counseling" system for people who are not eligible for Medicaid or who are in a spend-down mode. This program is most appropriate for individuals who are using Medicare or their own resources to pay for nursing home care. Options counseling is available to nursing home residents and their families who are interested in exploring long-term home and community based supports that will allow nursing home residents to return to the community. Options counselors located at Care Connection are part of the Non-Medicaid Local Contact Agencies (LCA) network. The LCA contact number for Care Connection is 855-937-2372, or Click Here for a flyer with additional information. 

An individual's stated goal to relocate back to the community is one of choice and no one is required nor forced into this decision. For those who want to relocate, the individual, the nursing facility, the local contact agency, and the home health agency must work collaboratively to make the choice viable.