Benefits Counseling

When you have questions about public and private benefits, programs and services, where do you turn for information that is accurate and objective? If you need help getting benefits you are entitled to, there are people who can help you work your way through the process.  If your rights have been ignored, who can help you claim what should be yours? The benefits counseling services provided by Care Connection can help you in all three areas: information, assistance and advocacy. Trained benefits counselors can provide you with information about government programs that may be available to you. They can assist you in filling out application forms and refer you to other agencies and organizations that can help you. They can speak up for you when it seems you are not being treated fairly.
Who can receive benefits counseling services?
Benefits counseling services are available to persons with disabilities, individuals age 60 and over and their caregivers who live in Harris County.
What questions do people have about benefits and services?
  • Do I need more health coverage than Medicare provides?
  • Do I qualify for programs that will pay some of my medical bills?
  • Can I get help with prescription drug costs?
  • How can I pay for long-term care?
  • Where can I get advance directives, a will, and other legal documents?
  • Why am I being billed for services I did not receive?
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What topics do Benefits Counselors have information about?
  • Abuse, neglect & exploitation
  • Advance directives
  • Food stamps
  • Fraud
  • Guardianship
  • Housing
  • Individual rights
  • Legal issues and services
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Medicaid/SSI
  • Medicaid/nursing home care
  • Medicare
  • Medigap/supplemental insurance
  • Money management assistance
  • Nursing home alternatives
  • Prescription drug assistance
  • QIT (Miller Trust)
  • QMB, SLMB & QI-1 programs
  • Social Security benefits
  • Veterans’ benefits
Can Benefits Counselors help with legal issues and services?
Sometimes Benefits Counselors can answer general questions about legal issues. If a lawyer is needed, Care Connection can help find one. In some cases, Care Connection can work with other organizations to pay legal fees for low-income persons age 60 and over.
Are there any Benefits Counselors in my area?
Benefits Counselor assists callers and provide educational presentations to groups. Call 1-855-YES-ADRC (1-855-937-2372) to speak with a Benefits Counselor.
Are Benefits Counselors up-to-date on changes in benefits and services?
All Benefits Counselors get regular updates on benefits information. Before Benefits Counselors begin helping people they attend a special training program sponsored by the Texas Department of Insurance and the Texas Legal Services Center.
(Adapted from North Central Texas Area Agency on Aging Benefits Counseling brochure)