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Nominate a 2019 Bridges Conference Champion!


What is the nomination process?

• Any Bridges conference attendee can nominate a potential Champion

• If a person is nominated, they must be notified and agree to the submission of their name

• The nominee is contacted to let them know that they have been selected

• Five nominees will be selected

• The nominees will be contacted to accept the nomination


What is the selection process?

• A committee of five (5) consisting of Care Connection Aging and Disability Resource Center and Harris County Area Agency on Aging Area Planning Advisory Council (Selection Committee) members will vote on the Champion

• The Selection Committee will vote on the Champion

• The Champion selection will be announced at the 2019 Bridges Conference


How do I nominate?

• Contact the person you are nominating to let them know about your desire to submit their name

• Complete the form below


Deadline for submission: March 31, 2019.

Fields marked with a red dot ( Required) are required to complete this form.

The Champion is recognized as a person who advocates for, supports, and even provides funding to promote initiatives and programs for older adults, people with disabilities and veterans. If you know of an individual who fits this description, feel free to submit a nomination. Please notify your nominee prior to your submission.

  1. 5 Resons why you are nominating the person:

  2. Date person was notified that they were nominated for the award:

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